The EUROHEADPAIN consortium exists of ten academic partners and one small and medium enterprise (SME). The consortium originates from a number previous collaborations within the field of headache and migraine. Several academic partners have previously successfully worked together on the EU subsidized FP6 project EUROHEAD (2002-2005). They have continued working on various clinical and basic science research projects since, with many joint publications.

The current project extends these collaborations by establishing new links between these and other research groups that are strong in various aspects of migraine and have complementary areas of expertise. For a more direct link of the scientific output of the project to patient care,  an SME joint the project. The SME will deliver and optimize novel devices for non-invasive transcutaneous neurostimulation, which is regarded as a potential blockbuster in migraine treatment options. Moreover, the  participation of the SME will give the project immediate commercial value.