QUT – Brisbane, AU

QUT and Dale Nyholt have participated in several European research projects on migraine and is a close collaborator of PI’s of LUMC and FIMM. Dale Nyholt brings in complementary skills for identifying complex trait genes, encompassing phenotype collection, genotyping, bioinformatics, and statistical genetics. QUT has been collecting phenotypes for a multitude of medically important traits on large samples of twins and their families. DNA samples have been collected and securely stored for over 50,000 individuals and a critical mass of scientists with analysis skills is available. QUT currently has genome-wide association (GWA) data for over 19,000 individuals; 4,838 with migraine headaches.

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  • Participant in WP2.

Key Personnel

Dale R. Nyholt, PhD, is Associate Professor and head of QUT’s IHBI Statistical and Genomic Epidemiology Laboratory. His work on migraine genetics has produced seminal discoveries on the genetic architecture of migraine, its symptoms, and comorbid traits.