FAU – Erlangen, DE

Karl Messlinger and his group are conducting basic research on trigeminal nociception to understand the mechanisms underlying headache and migraine generation. The methodology he uses include extracellular recordings from primary afferents and central neurons in vivo and in vitro, blood flow measurements and functional imaging, neuronal tracing, neuropeptide measurements.

FAU website: Institute of Physiology and Pathophysiology


  • Participant in WP4.

Key Personnel

Karl Messlinger, MD, PhD, is Professor of Physiology at the Institute of Physiology & Pathophysiology and heads a fully resourced lab for pain research in rodents. He is co-editor of Experimental Brain Research. He was honoured to give the Migraine Trust Lecture at the EHMTIC 2012.

Michael J.M. Fischer, MD, PhD, is Assistant Professor at the Institute of Physiology & athophysiology and earlier received a “Feodor Lynen Fellowship” (Cambridge 2008-2011).