REGIONH – Glostrup, DK

The DHC has a 30-year tradition of excellence in headache research and has on file over 10,000 headache patients. Of them, are 2,500 migraine patients that were extensively phenotyped using a standardized semi-structured questionnaire and have been genotyped. The translational aspect is very strong because of clinical and basic science under the same leadership and usually discoveries in humans are translated into animal research discovering basic mechanisms.

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  • Leader of WP5

Key Personnel

Jes Olesen, MD, PhD, is Professor of Neurology at the University of Copenhagen and co-Chair of the Danish Headache Center. He has been a leader in headache classification for decades.

Messoud Ashina, MD, PhD, is director of the DHC ‘Human Migraine Research Group’ and an expert in

experimental human models and advanced MR techniques.

Peer Tfelt-Hansen, MD, PhD, is leader of the “methodology of drug trials” committee of the International Headache Society and has authored over 200 publications on methodological and practical aspects of clinical trials and pharmacology in headache disorders.

Aydin Gozalov, MD, PhD, is a fulltime consultant for headache at the DHC.