Cefaly Technology – Herstal, BE

The Cefaly Technology project started by two founders with expertise in bio-engineering: Pierre-Yves Muller and Pierre Rigaux. Both have had leading positions for 15 years at Compex, Switzerland, which became Europe’s number one in external neurostimulation. Since 2004, Cefaly Technology has developed unique technology for external cranial neurostimulation. Thanks to this technique a supraorbital neurostimulation protocol has been implemented for the prophylactic treatment of episodic migraine. Cefaly Technology has a team of ten persons of which five are mainly active in Research & Development (i.e. three academic engineers, one technician, and one physician). The company has developed a cranial neurostimulator for supraorbital or suboccipital neurostimulation available on the market. Cefaly Technology has under development several devices for: (i) external and implanted motor neurostimulation (to contract/restore the function of paralysed muscles; and (ii) precisely determining motor points for registering electromyography bio-signals.

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  • SME participant in WP5

Key Personnel

Pierre Rigaux, MD, is co-Founder and CEO of Cefaly Technology and graduated from the University of Liège (Belgium). He also graduated in electronics from the Technical University of Saint Laurent. After several years of practising medicine both in a hospital and private setting, he became a scientific consultant for several European companies who made medical equipment.

Pierre-Yves Muller, PhD, is co-Founder and CTO of Cefaly Technology and head of Research & Development. He received his PhD in Electronic Engineering at the University of Geneva.

Jean-Yves Mignolet graduated from the Electronic Engineers University of Louvain-La-Neuve.